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New Delta T2 Fence for the TS24241

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  • New Delta T2 Fence for the TS24241

    I just purchased the Delta T2 fence for my TS2424 saw. I looked at other threads, but can't find enough information in depth on how many additional holes to drill. Alignment seems to be an issue. Can I use one of the original holes to start it or will I have to drill new holes to put it together. A little insight would be appreciative. Thanks!

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    Re: New Delta T2 Fence for the TS24241

    i have both a 2412 (entry level of the 2424) with the extended version of the 2424's stock fence and a c-man 10" CI TS with a t-2. both saws were built by emerson electric, so what works for the c-man will work for the 2424. in my situation, a previous owner of my c-man chose to start with a mounting hole of the saw and then drill additional holes in the CI top of the c-man to mount the t-2. here's a pic of the saw with the t-2:

    it looks like 2 new holes were drilled in the CI top, with no new holes drilled in the t-2 mounting angle iron or fence tube.

    if that isn't wat you'd like to do, here is a fairly detailed write up by someone on lumberkocks who applied a t-2 to the c-man version of the 2424. he apparently drilled the mounting angle iron instead:

    Delta T2 Fence @ ~ woodworking community

    either way works and the t-2 is a really good fence. BTW, there is a thread here somewhere addressing a t-2 on a 3650, which, in terms of rail mounting, is the same as the 2424. i'm just not good enough with the search feature to find it. maybe someone else can help with that.
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