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Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

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  • Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

    Hello everyone,
    So I finally gathered up some time this weekend to assemble my new Ridgid R4512 that I was very excited about. Let me preface this by saying I'm a novice and this is the first TS I've ever had to assemble so I apologize out of the gates if my questions and complaints/issues are ignorant. Just keep this in mind when answering and dumbing everything down to its core is preferred

    1) It took me forever to get the caster system correct. I put it together like the instructions outlined and got the saw upright. It didn't work. I flipped it back over and took three more cracks at it. As it turns out, the rear axel had to be rotated 180 degrees to work properly (something I realized far too late and now after Googling see I'm not the only one that had this issue) and the front axel didn't have the leg connectors connected the right way from the factory. Since this took about 4 tries to do, I ended up accidentally stripping some of the allen head screws that hold the leg assembly together so taking the legs apart is no longer an option, but at least the whole bottom part of the saw is working properly now so unless I need to take it apart to return it, I shouldn't have an issue there.

    2) I had a bunch of residue on the cast iron top. I tried a bunch of household cleaners (grease lightning, CLR for stainless steel, and rubbing alcohol) but couldn't get it off (only slightly). As you can see by the image, it's still on there quite a bit.

    How can I get this stuff off?

    3) This is my ignorance probably but again I'm new to this so please be gentle with this one. On the bottom of the riving knife assembly there is a "thing" that sticks out and has some orange rubbery/plasticky thing on it. I don't know what to call this but it's on there pretty good so I assume this shouldn't be removed so I didn't try. Anyway, this is preventing me from pushing the blade far enough on the arbor so that it's even and tilting the blade. I can't imagine any way (and trust me I've tried) to get the blade on the arbor properly so please either tell me I'm a moron and how to do it or that I'm not crazy and something is wrong here because I'm all out of ideas.

    4) The directions specifically state that the arbor washer (domed end) should face INWARD towards the blade. It was facing outward before I took it off the arbor and I can't fathom in any way that the directions are correct in this. Am I crazy?

    5) The steel side tables aren't level with the table. This could be my error though I'm not sure how to correct it, but basically the outsides of the tables move upward so when you place a straight edge on the saw (in my case a 4' level) the level is off the table in the middle and sits on the edges of the steel tables. I'm almost positive this is my error but again I don't know how to correct it so please do advise.

    So, that's it so far and I haven't even begun to install the rails because before I go through the trouble I want to make sure I'm not beating a dead horse.

    To be perfectly honest, this has kind of taken me aback and has made me feel like I shouldn't even be using power tools because I'm either a) an idiot or b) don't know how to categorize something as my error or factory error.

    Any help and guidance on this is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

    Just a quick update:

    On another forum someone pointed out that I can shim the side tables on the top portion with paper or something of that sort until I can get them flush. Is this a common practice?

    As for the orange lever, I found that it's the riving knife release lever and was able to successfully work it so disregard that portion of the post.

    The washer, I have been told and Googled that it should be facing dome outwards, as stated, probably just an error in translation of the assembly instructions.

    My leftover concern is now the residue on the cast iron table. If anyone has any idea how to get this out, that'd be greatly appreciated.


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      Re: Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

      Yes, shimming of the side tables is a very common, and necessary thing to get everything leveled up. Paper, cardstock, shim material (empty soda or beer cans cut up make GREAT shim stock) or even washers if it's REALLY off but that's extreme.

      Can't help with the stains. You could maybe try some WD40 and a 3M pad to clean it, followed by some paste floor wax(Johnson's is great) to seal against the elements, but that's just what I do on mine to remove surface rust.

      I LOVE the part about the domed washer facing inward towards the blade... sounds like the quality of Rigid's manuals haven't improved at all. I bought a 4511 TS and ended up using a combination parts manual/owners manual for assembly purposes.
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        Re: Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

        Thanks for the reply Brian. Question about the shimming: I imagine you have to cut the card or paper or what not to only take up the top part of the table side and then how do you apply it? just tape it to the side?

        I'm just having a hard time understanding this shimming thing on a piece of metal equipment. is there any images of someone else that has shimmed their tables so I can see kind of what I should be doing?


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          Re: Ridgid R4512 Assembly Troubles

          Loosen off the mounting bolts for the sides and then wedge it in where you need it. If the outer edge needs to go down, wedge it in at the top edge, bottom if the outer edge needs to go up. Tighten, and recheck. Once it's tight, the shims will not go anywhere.

          And yes, you cut to whatever shape/size that your situation calls for.