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10" table saw R4510 no power

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  • 10" table saw R4510 no power

    Hi everyone, this is my first post.
    My saw is 1.5 years old, not used much, and I was ripping a short 2x4 and the saw stopped half way through the cut.
    I thought the breaker in my garage went, but it didnt. Checked outlet power and it was fine.
    Then when I tried to turn saw on there was no power, nothing.
    This is a 10" R4510 table saw. There is a plastic lever on front left side you lift up and normally you have power.
    I checked for fuses on saw, but couldnt see any.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: 10" table saw R4510 no power

    Does the motor have a reset button? It is a red button on the motor.


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      Re: 10" table saw R4510 no power

      No reset button on motor, I see no fuses, must be
      a loose connection or bad motor possibly.


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        Re: 10" table saw R4510 no power

        Check the power switch and see is the safety is fully clipped in. Next it's time to break out the multimeter or a test light. If you don't have one you can get a really cheap one from Harbor Freight.


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          Re: 10" table saw R4510 no power

          It is not unusual for typical dual-contact power switches like what we find with that saw to fail. Most are anything but robust. (Note that I own a 4510 and so far my switch works OK.) One contact will open up and the tool will no longer work. This has happened to me with at least one Ryobi tool (BTS-21 table saw) and also happened with a portable dust collector I have that was made by GMC.

          I took the switches apart in each case and cleaned them and filed the contacts and that fixed things. Tedious work, but it at least cost nothing. I had a Ryobi spindle sander start to have situations where it would slow down for a while, and cleaning and filing that unit's switch fixed that problem. It was only a matter of time until the switch would have fully failed.

          Another option is to contact Ridgid parts and get a new switch. I would first see if I could run a temporary bypass just to make sure it is the switch and not something else.

          Heck, if you want real durability get a 20-amp standard toggle switch (like what you would use for a house circuit) and hard-wire the ground and use that switch to control the hot side. It would require some drilling and installation work, and of course a toggle switch like that is not as quick to use in terms of shut-off safety, but it will last forever.

          Howard Fertler


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            Re: 10" table saw R4510 no power

            I have r4510 and I had no such problems.