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Ridgid r2601 VS Porter cable 333VS

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  • Ridgid r2601 VS Porter cable 333VS

    I have both orbital sanders.

    Within their own rights they are both quite good and reliable.

    My Porter Cable is around 12 years old and actually made in USA!!!!
    My Ridgid r2601 is 1 year old.

    I recently ordered repair parts for my Porter Cable as the orbiting bearing failed.
    I know, I can buy a new one cheaper than the parts cost, but hey! It was made in USA.
    So I want to keep it!!!! Besides it's only 12 years old!!! and the motor is just fine.

    I have noticed some obvious differences between the two sanders.

    The Ridgid is soft start and seems not as aggressive as the Porter Cable

    I use both with external dust collection.

    The Ridgid is larger than the Porter Cable

    Each actually performs per specs, however if I can only have one
    orbital sander I'd stay with my Porter Cable 333VS

    Any of you use the newer made in china Porter Cable 5" orbital sander?
    I'd am curious as to how it compares to the Ridgid and older 333VS

    Oh..and both use 8 hole sanding discs I remember my very old DeWalt used 5 hole paper.
    The Dewalt has been retired as support for that one is not cost effective. Twice I lost the
    circuit board inside from static electricity! poor design!!!!

    8 hole VS 5 hole any specific design difference?

    Cactus Man

    P.S. I do like the LSA coverage on the R2601, thus should static electricity kill the soft
    start circuitry it will be repaired for free.
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    Re: Ridgid r2601 VS Porter cable 333VS

    Originally posted by cactusman View Post
    8 hole VS 5 hole any specific design difference?
    Cactus Man
    My favorite sander is also the PC333 although mine is not the VS version. Probably the 8 hole sanders do a little better job of dust collection than the 5 holers but only if using the dust canisters that come standard with most sanders. I also have a 5" Makita 8 hole sander and both the Makita and the 5 hole PC do an equally excellent job of dust collection when hooked up to my shop vac.
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      Re: Ridgid r2601 VS Porter cable 333VS

      I've had my Ridgid R2600 since 2003 or 2004, and thus far it has worked very well for me. I've had to replace the hook & loop pad and at the time was a little disapointed that it wasn't covered under the LLSA, but I guess I understand. In any case, that is the only problem that I have had with it.

      Prior to my purchase, I had used a borrowed Makita which though pretty nice (nice enough to make want to buy my own ROS), didn't have very good dust colletion. My first ROS was a Ryobi VS model and although it worked well, and still does, I wanted something a little more heavy duty and thus the Ridgid. I've put a lot of wood under that sander and it performs very well for me.