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New Dual Blade Skill Saw from Rigid

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  • New Dual Blade Skill Saw from Rigid

    Has anyone had a look at this new saw from Rigid. I don't know who the designer was but it has very limited use. I checked it out and there is no base plate on it so you cannot use a blade guide with it or keep the blade cut square on the material. Free hand cutting is all you can do with it, Allowing the operator to rock the blade back and forth, side to side if the operator has to do any reaching along the cutting line especially on a sheet of plywood. In my mind this wood lead a dangerous kick back from the saw. I was lloking forward to using the tool but as soon as I took it out of the box and set it up to use it , I quickly realized this issue. Boxed it up and took it back. Also only 1" depth of cut. I would not recommend this product at all even at the sale price of $129.00!!!!

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    Re: New Dual Blade Skill Saw from Rigid

    This is a demolition type saw and made for cutting pipe, metal, wood, what ever. It's not a "skil" saw replacement. It's not ment to rip plywood, even though you probably could. There is no kick back with this saw, its one of the features of dual blade saws. Opposing saw blades eliminates the kick back.

    Btw, welcome to the forum.


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      Re: New Dual Blade Skill Saw from Rigid

      This design is actually safer than the other twin blade saws out there.
      Especially if you're left handed!

      The kerf cut is about 1/4" or obviously 2 1/8" blade thicknesses

      I found it safe and useful cutting galvanized pipe, black pipe, even small steel tubing
      when you're too lazy to set up a chop saw or metal band saw....
      To be fair any of the above cuts can also easily be accomplished with a reciprocating saw
      and perhaps faster and cleaner!

      The concept is indeed interesting but for daily usage not a keeper!

      Cactus Man