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  • Service Center in your area?

    Just a general question to see how available they are (there's not one where I live, trust me I'm trying to get one added).

    Do most of you have one within a reasonable drive distance?


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    Re: Service Center in your area?

    Home Depot 5 minutes from my home, closest service center 30 minute drive, however I chose to ship my batteries to a center close to 2 hours drive from my home. I spoke to person at the farther center and he said all he needed was the batteries. I got new ones to my door two weeks later! Save money and hassle by shipping the batteries. Frank


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      Re: Service Center in your area?


      When I first started buying Ridgid tools in 2003, the local service center was in Syracuse which is about three hours drive from Corning. A few years ago, they stopped servicing Ridgid and Ryobi and for a very brief few months the Service Center was just about five miles south of me, in a place referred to as Lindley (find that on the map if you can). Personally, I thought that was extremely funny but it turned out to be actually pretty decent for me and the guy took care of two of my tools within just a few weeks, AND then dropped them off at the house. Basically he was a motor repair guy, and he said that Ridgid asked him if he was interested. It didn't last very long though and I don't know why.

      But, I say it was "funny" because when I found out he was so close I actually called him to make sure and then took the drive to his place. He was hard to find though and I must have passed his place three times before I finally spotted it. He was located down, what we call, "River Road" which is like out in nowhere land, just an old black top road that runs south and is well off the "beaten path". I had trouble finding it not so much for its location, but for it's size... it was barely bigger than a lawn shed that sat up on the side of the roadway. I swear it was barely 9 x 12. I was going to take a picture of it at the time and post it, but then I figured that would be pretty dumb on my part as I'm sure whoever decides such things probably didn't know... and I didn't want to ruin a good thing with him being so close and afterall he did provide great service, although he had to order the parts. In any case, I don't think it lasted even a year as the next time I tried his number it was "no longer in service".

      After that, my nearest service center in now in Oneonta, NY. I've since moved to Binghamton, but even then Oneonta is almost two hours from there on one of the worst roads in the country. I haven't checked recently to see if they are still in business or if we have anything closer; fortunately my Ridgid tools haven't needed anything of an emergency nature and we do have UPS afterall.



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        Re: Service Center in your area?

        I've been complaining about this for years. I live in the capital city of the state which also happens to be the second largest city in the state and yet the closest power tool service center is a 92 mile round trip to drop off a tool and another 92 mile trip to pick it up. Pretty much every other major tool manufacturer has an authorized service center here, why not Ridgid/TTI?
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          Re: Service Center in your area?

          I have 3 authorized service centers within 18 miles of my home.