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R4512 miter slots

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  • R4512 miter slots

    The blade on my table saw is not square to the miter slots, can this be fixed by adjusting something?

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    Re: R4512 miter slots

    yes, that is adjustable. however, ridgid hasn't put the owners manual for that saw on this website, so i can't point you to the section of the manual that contains those instructions. i checked out the sears cousing to the 4512 and although it's manual is on the sears site:

    it doesn't address that alignment procedure. if you have the owners manual, i hope it is more inclusive than the sears' manual for it's version of your saw and includes the appropriate alignment procedure. however, in looking at the parts diagram for the saw, it seems to have table mounted trunions. it's adjustment process should be the same as for any 10" contractor saw with table mounted trunions. there seem to be 4 mounting bolts that hold the 2 trunions to the underside of the table. loosen 3 of the the bolts and jjjjuuuusssstttttttt loosen the 4th bolt enough to allow it to pivot. tap the trunion with 2 loosened mounting bolts left or right until the blade is parallel to the miter slot. then align the fence to the blade, keeping whatever measuring tool (dial gauge, caliper, feeler gauges, etc.) you use in the same miter slot when aligning both the blade to the miter slot and the fence to the same slot. this write up adddreses what i'm talking about:

    Table Sw Alignment - LLC

    hope this helps.
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