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  • RD8000 Generator Question

    I have a question that has stumped me and a few electricians that I asked, I even called up rigid tech support and they didn't know. The RD8000 has a capacity of 8000 watt running / 10000 watt starting, does the 30 amp plug have full access to this 8000/10000 capacity or is it limited to 7200 watts (30*240=7200)? The reason I asks is because I have seen some 8000 watt generators online that have 33.3 amp fuses (33.3*240 ~= 8000) but the RD8000 does not say what size fuses it has.

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    Re: RD8000 Generator Question

    The amperage draw through the 30 amp outlet is limited by the 30 amp Circuit breaker.


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      Re: RD8000 Generator Question

      there is also a separate 120 volt 30 amp outlet and breaker along with the 120 volt 20 amp breaker.

      good job mark7 for posting the link and the facts.

      just wait, 2 electricians will be questioning the plumbers for posting the correct answer.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: RD8000 Generator Question

        Theoretically, your 7200 watts (30*240=7200) formula is correct.
        Theoretically, the 30 amp breaker on each of the 120 legs limits it to 7.2kw.
        In reality, though, I routinely run these units on a load bank dialed in to 8.5 - 9kw and have not yet had a breaker pop.
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          Re: RD8000 Generator Question

          I found the answer that you can pull up to 10 kw from the 30 amp plug for a short period of time to be true because the 30 amp breakers are thermal breakers which will not immediately trip

          I found the answer to be that you call pull all 10kw from this generator because it has thermal circuit breakers. A thermal circuit breaker will not immediately trip if you just go a little above its capacity. The 30 amp circuit breakers are a PE74 series whose spec sheet says you can run it at 135% for 1 hour before it trips.

          Spec sheet from the manufacturer is here: