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Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

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  • Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

    I own a Ridgid TS 3650, and my miter gauge has some play in the miter slot. How do you adjust the miter gauge to eliminate this play.



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    Re: Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

    this wood magazine article seems to cover everything:

    around the middle of the article, the author addresses dimpling the miter gauge guide bar to ensure a snug fit.
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      Re: Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

      Considering that many OEM miter gauges are slightly just above "junk" on the quality scale, I suggest you consider replacing yours for an after market model. The Incra V120 is a very fine miter gauge and for about $50 you can find them at Rockler.

      EDIT: That price at Rockler was so tempting that I just couldn't resist so I went and ordered one for myself to use on my bandsaw. For anyone interested, use the promotion code 2U043 and you'll also get Free Shipping.

      EDIT #2: The $50 price for the Incra V120 is gone, back up to the regular $85 price. I'm pretty sure though that the promo code for Free Shipping is still good until 01/04/12 IIRC.
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        Re: Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

        I have the Ridgid miter gauge and seriously considered getting the Incra because I did not trust the Ridgid for good results. But after I tweaked it I get spot on cross-cuts. There are two things I did to improve performance. First, the dimple techniques does work I and now get very little side to side play. Second, I replaced the miter stop screws with stainless steel screws. They seem to be much better and don't seem to slip. It seems to do a great job now, although I only really use it for 90 degree crosscuts.


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          Re: Ridgid TS 3650 Miter Gauge Adjustments

          Ditto what the Badger said...........................