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A Minor Disappointment

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  • A Minor Disappointment

    I received a Ridgid AC9934 FlitTop Stand for Christmas. I already had a couple of the AC9933 versions so I really haven't paid too much attention to Ridgid's newest version, AC9934 until now. It's still a very nice stand and I'm sure it will work for me just fine but boy have they cut back on the quality. Maybe it's because they use far less plastic in the top portion but overall the unit just seems more flimsy to me than the earlier version. I certainly would still recommend these to anyone looking for a something like this but I just hate it when companies cut corners on materials yet don't reduce the price to reflect that fact.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

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    Re: A Minor Disappointment

    Dave, I have seen this practice of making it cheaper on many tools and appliances. They will use the lightest gauge wire and most flimsy switch to the point where the item barely works! I have replaced many power cords on all sorts of things because they would not hold up to normal use. I was in contact with Hayward Pool because the rocker switch on my 1 3/4hp pool pump broke after one season! You would not believe how flimsy it was. To shut me up they sent me two new ones, same flimsy design. We are living in a disposable society. I know this has been discussed before but it's worth revisiting. When we are forced to either repurchase something every two or three years or try to modify it to make it work properly and hold up to normal use something is very wrong! Frank