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Wobbly chuck on brand new hammer drill

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    Re: Wobbly chuck on brand new hammer drill

    I'll bet you that all drill manufacturers get this "shaft" part from the same source. I very recently purchased and returned 2 hammer drills from competing companies, and both were wobbly. In addition, various forums I have read through on the Internet all have people complaining of wobbly hammer drills.....ONLY IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS. So whoever is providing these shafts to the drill companies has a faulty manufacturing procedure. What really bothers me is that the retail store I bought these drills from played dumb when I asked them about this. It's obvious there is a rash of bad hammer drills out there recently. My suggestion is to return your bad drill(s), and try purchasing again in April/May, when these shaft parts are apparently fixed. Good luck!