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MS1250LZ Table to Fence Alignment

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  • MS1250LZ Table to Fence Alignment

    My MS1250LZ miter saw is out of alignment between the fence and the table (the part that swivels). The table slopes away from the fence (creating an angle greater than 90 degrees), and I can't see any way of adjusting it. Is it possible to adjust the table so it trues up with the fence? The fence to blade are at 90 degrees, and the table to blade are at 90 degrees. Thanks,

    - Scott

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    Re: MS1250LZ Table to Fence Alignment

    Maybe someone with your saw will jump on and help you out more. but i looked up your owners manual and the parts breakdown of the saw on page 42. i would suspect something is bent since the fence bolts down to the base with 4 bolts,
    is the fence square to the base itself, not the part that swivels? if it is just the table #9 out of square i would check that the bolts are all tight on the left and right shoes, parts 15 & 35, and the table pivot bolt # 22