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No LSA on batteries?

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  • No LSA on batteries?

    I recently bought a set of Ridgid power tools. When deciding between Ridgid, Makita, Milwaukee, etc. I did extensive research on this forum and talking to numerous people. In the end, I felt that the LSA made Ridgid the best choice. I had read several posts about batteries being covered by the LSA, asked the company rep when I saw him in Home Depot, and talked to numerous people at Home Depot--all of whom said that it was in fact true that the batteries would be replaced if they ever fail.

    Tonight I am trying to register my tool set on the website and every time I enter the batteries (the 2 that come with the set and the one I got free with the purchase of the set) it says: "3 Year Limited Warranty (LSA not available)."

    Is that true? There is a post from today from a guy who got his batteries replaced when they wouldn't hold a charge. I have read numerous others and everyone I have talked to confirmed the LSA was on batteries as well. Are my batteries covered? How do I register them? If they aren't covered, the whole set is going back to the store and I'm starting my decision making over again because that was what gave Ridgid the clear advantage for me.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: No LSA on batteries?

    The batteries that came with the tool set will be covered by the LLSA. The free promo battery will not be covered. Call Ridgid Customer Service and explain what is happening as something is wrong here but I'm not sure what.
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      Re: No LSA on batteries?

      The free battery came off the shelf, accessories that come off the shelf are not covered by the LLSA. It seems lame, but it makes sense to save money.
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        Re: No LSA on batteries?

        I understand the extra battery is not covered. But the problem is that the website says that the LSA is not available on any of my 3 batteries! I will try contacting them. Thanks for the help!


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          Re: No LSA on batteries?

          There would be a kit model number on the box.