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Lost receipt and drill broken

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  • Lost receipt and drill broken

    OK I know it's my fault I didn't register the drill, but now both batteries have kicked the bucket and I can't find my receipt. Does anyone know if I can get a duplicate at Home Depot? I bought this a year and a half ago.

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    Re: Lost receipt and drill broken

    If you remember what method of payment you used and have the sku (box would be even better) they can usually look up the purchase. I have had luck getting things repaired without a receipt but using the serial number only.


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      Re: Lost receipt and drill broken

      May I suggest that you eat two huge pieces of humble pie before you contact Ridgid Customer Service and beg them to let you register your drill into the LLSA. Based on your comments, they are under no obligation to let you as you failed to follow the procedures to do so. Also, if your batteries were worn out from usage then they wouldn't even qualify for replacement under the standard 3 Year Warranty. Be nice when you call and hopefully they will be nice back.
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        Re: Lost receipt and drill broken

        I just had to get a duplicate receipt for a warrantied purchase from Home Depot.
        I was told by numerous store employees that it could not be done.
        It can IF you charged it to a credit card and you have the following info:
        1. Date of purchase
        2. Amount Total
        3. Store location of purchase
        4. Last four digits of credit card
        Please note that I had an approx. idea of the purchase date and was able to look at copies of my credit card statements to find the Home Depot purchase. You would probably need to do the same.

        Call 877-434-6435 Prompt #3 then prompt #1
        Tell them that you need to get a duplicate receipt for a purchase.
        They will take all of the above info, along with your contact info and call you back within 24 hours.
        In my case, they did not get back to me the next day, so I called them again. They immediately said yes, we found the receipt purchase and sent it to the store's spooler in their bookkeeping dept.
        I then called the store, asked for the bookkeeping dept and they did indeed receive the copy on their spooler. I then drove over to the Home Depot and picked up the copy.