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  • Negative comments?

    I am a student at a local trade school and I purchased my first power drill from HD last year. I couldn't afford milwaukee and dewalt just seemed vanilla to me, but the orange drills caught my eye. I started off with the drill/driver and one handed reciprocating saw and LOVED it. This past summer i decided to upgrade to the x4 kit after saving up some extra cash and now i don't know how anyone worked without an impact driver. My tools have treated me great because I have treated them how they are designed (with the exception of my impact falling off a ladder) and I believe there should be more posts and how these tools have improved work.

    (p.s. i just expanded my 12v products, and the jobmax is AMAZING for me when I'm using it for electrical work)

    keep up the good work RIDGID

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    Re: Negative comments?

    Welcome to the group. It is very refreshing to have a first time poster come on board with a positive experience for a change. Don't let that statement alarm you as to the quality of RIDGID tools. A good many of the first time posters who come here and rant don't have a clue about what they're ranting about.
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      Re: Negative comments?

      Welcome to the forum,

      IT seems to me that a lot of the choice of tools seems to be personality, and some people don't like this and like that, and the next will be just the opposite, some people seem to be able to beat one brand in the ground and it keeps working for them and the next can't get out of the box with out a problem,
      It is some what like the Ford, Chevy, debate,

      I think most all the name brand tools have winners in there line up, and some have lemons as well,

      one of the problems I see today is the tools are constantly changing they may look similar, but the numbers keep changing, (my guess is there is some thing changing inside as well), hopefully it is an improvement,
      at one time you could buy XXXX model and come back 10 years later, and buy the same item, now you can not come back and by the same thing next year, some times next month,
      so nearly ever time with most ever brand it is a crap shoot in buying the "Best", or that one will get consistency,

      but if you read tool reviews it does not take to long to see some brands that consistently rank near the top and those who end up in lower end, (many times it is price related as well),

      Do your home work and if you like Orange, great, but if you like some other color that is OK as well.
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        Re: Negative comments?

        I have had good luck and bad luck with my Ridgid tools. Mostly good, rarely bad. Yes I get made fun of at times, but my orange tools do not get stolen as often as others either.
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          Re: Negative comments?

          I have been using the 18v series of Ridgid tools since 2005.

          I have every 18v tool from the original style hammer drill to
          two generations of impact drivers and caulking gun. Some are even the dual
          voltage 18/24V but I've stayed true to the 18V battery.

          Staying with one brand and one type battery makes my tool ownership and usage very simple
          and eliminates duplication of effort.

          I have also evolved through 4 generations of battery chargers and
          4 generations of 18v batteries [from the 1.9AH NI-CAD through the newest 3AH lithium-ion battery]

          Over the past 7 years I have had 3 NI-CAD batteries fail and instead of using the LSA to replace them I
          opted to upgrade them and went with the Lithium-ion batteries.

          The only irritating aspect is the poor relation between Home Depot and Ridgid Tools!
          I still do not understand why Home Depot does not push the Ridgid brand as they
          push the RYOBI brand?

          I also find it frustrating the Home Depot does not carry disposables for their Ridgid tool line.
          You are usually forced to go to E-replacement parts or other sources for parts like replacement blades
          or sanding drums etc.

          With my "good luck" with Ridgid battery tools, I moved to their pneumatic tool line.
          I have their stapler, 16 & 18 gauge nailers....they have performed flawlessly.

          I also have some of their corded tools and again, find them very good.

          OK some nit-picking such as type of power cords used as some are not very flexible.

          The change over from plastic form fitting tool boxes to the canvass type tool box to
          no tool box when you buy a tool. There are pros and cons to both styles and I use both.

          When you follow instructions the LSA registration process is doable although could be made

          My telephone customer service experience has been good. Then I don't start out yelling and screaming!

          On a scale of 1-10 I'd give Ridgid a nine. This leaves room for the elusive grinder and
          other tools everyone here keeps asking for................

          Cactus Man
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