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no guide bar for 18v circular saw

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  • no guide bar for 18v circular saw

    I just bought the x4 18v hand combo kit, and was dissappointed to notice that the circular saw does not come with the guide bar. I would like one, so I looked at ridgids website for accessories, but couldn't find the guide anywhere. Any ideas where I can get one?

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    Re: no guide bar for 18v circular saw

    Look for the guide bar from Ridgid parts or

    This is the one you want. I bought 4 of them the last time I ordered parts.
    Rip Guide [690119003] - $3.17 at

    What ticks me off is that they keep taking away stuff, but prices don't go down. For example my brother just bought a R3201 7 1/4" circular saw... No case, no bag, and Ridgid even removed the 12' cord that they proudly used as a selling point (I loved Ridgid's cords, they were 12', flexible even when cold and had the lighted end with the tool indication). Now its got a stiff, 8' cord with a cheap hard plastic end with the worthless indentation for attaching it to the cord for when you try to coil it up. They ditched the cable tie strap as well.

    Boo, not happy! I get that cost is an issue as well as price point, but when you remove the very selling points of buying the Ridgid tool over the other guys... What's the point. Makes me wonder what other corners are being cut....