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  • Anybody figure out how...

    To attach the Dremel multi flex tool to a Jobmax?

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    Re: Anybody figure out how...

    Are you referring to the Dremel MM720 multi-flex???
    I know the Job-Max comes with an adapter for "other brand" cutters.

    Also Dremel offers an adapter [Home Depot around $5.00]

    This is the first time I even saw such a cutter for ANY multi type oscillating tool.

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Anybody figure out how...

      EDB I went and purchased the MM70 multi-flex kit.
      It's pretty slick!

      It does work nicely with the JOB-MAX!

      Look at your two adapters. One is labeled "B" and "D"
      Use the "D" side.

      Remove the saw blade from the MM720 and install it without any blades.
      With the "D" side up you can slip the MM70 assembly on to it. This will require a little
      finesse and patience. You will find the MM70 will slip on and its holes should
      grab two of the adapter pins.

      Tighten the holding screw securely.
      Then ever so slightly squeeze the MM70 assembly ends to insert the MM722 flat saw blade...
      and you're ready to cut!

      Do Not use the slow speed only use maximum speed when using this attachment.

      I just cut through some PVC pipe like it was butter. It was a clean cut but there was a
      slight burr on the pipe after the cut.

      Hope this helps....

      By the way, E-bay has the MM70 [$22.49] and extra blades and other pieces at a better price than a search for "Dremel MULTIMAX MM70"

      The MULTIMAX MM721 spiral, MM722 flex flat blade, and MM723 carbide are also listed.
      Priced around $6.30 to $9.89 with free shipping

      Cactus Man
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        Re: Anybody figure out how...

        OK I got it, it just felt like I was having to force the thing too hard.