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So I'm very confused...

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  • So I'm very confused...

    Alright, so I am trying ti figure this out to the best of my ability, and I have come out of several phone calls to Ridgid frustrated.

    My husband purchased a drill just before he was deployed to Iraq. He could not take it with him, so he allowed our son to borrow it well he was deployed for the year. (yea, great idea right?) Anyway, on his way to Iraq, in one of the airports, he sat down at a computer and attempted to register this thing. Apparently he needed to have the box or something? Because the numbers he had written down from the drill would not actually work. At that point, he decided that perhaps it was just the internet connection of the airport that he was in.

    He attempted in Iraq when he had a chance to sit down at a computer...still did not work...and still blamed it on the internet connection. He has purchased many things from Ridgid and done this many times, so we both know he was not doing it wrong. So I attempted and still it did not he assumed maybe I was doing it wrong....

    Well, within a year of my husband being gone, the charger on the thing has stopped working. A friend of ours has a drill just like it, so we tried charging it on his charger...nope. The thing does not work anymore.

    When he returned from Iraq, and we found at that this thing was broken ((literally days after he returned home.)) I called Ridgid customer Service and told them the situation. The woman I was talking to was super helpful, and gave me a fax number that I could fax her the receipt that we still have from the purchse, the model and serial number and our phone and address....well...when I tried to send all of this information...the fax number did not work...

    Needless to say, a little frustrated at this I call again the day after we try to send the fax and the woman who answers this time has no idea who I am talking about and says pretty much, "Tough Luck."

    I'm just trying to find out how to get his drill replaced. I told the first lady I spoke with that I could send her everything, the receipt, the model and serial numbers, even the drill so she could see for herself, and she was working with me up until the point were the fax number did not work. The other lady at customer service just continued to interrupt me and would not even listen to what I had to say about what the other woman had told me.

    My god, I am so irritated right now!

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    Re: So I'm very confused...

    It's amazing how one employee can be rude and unwilling to help and the next will break their own back to make a customer happy. I'm bad at it, but trying to get better at writing down names of who I talk to so I always get the same person. It seems this is an issue at all businesses, as it never fails that I do find that occasional employee that refuses to help the customer on the other end. I have always said and will always follow the mantra that honey always is better than vinegar. If I can't get "honey" from the other end of the phone line, I'll just call back and ask for someone else. As long as you don't be "vinegar" to the rep on the other end (as most will put comments on your file) you should be fine.

    Check your PM's


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      Re: So I'm very confused...

      I always ask for a claim, file or case number when talking to any of the call in centers, some will try to give you a run around but if you think about it, if they are entering any of your personal information into the computer you are now a file or case number. This way when you call back the next day you can reference back to this case number to prove you had started a claim. Also ask for the persons name or more importantly their employee ID number, have been told before that the person I talked to yesterday does not even work there. Always ask to speak to a supervisor, this will assure you that there is something getting done and you will have another name for the arsenal. Recording the conversation is a good thing also, just be sure you tell them it is being done and it is for better customer satisfaction.

      From the sounds of it and what I have read here, toss it in the trash and head back to the big box store, good luck with it.


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        Re: So I'm very confused...


        If you've only had the tool for a year, you are still under warranty (which is three years) and should be able to get this fixed at any authorized Ridgid Service Center. Here are two that I found listed for Baton Rouge:

        Home Appliance Service
        10655 A FLORIDA BLVD

        Baton Rouge, LA 70815 US
        Tel: 225-272-7725



        HAMMOND, LA 70401 US
        Tel: 985-340-0020

        I would give either or both a phone call and explain your need for repair.

        I also would not let your contact go with Ridgid Customer Service just because of one jerk. You obviously had someone who was helpful, but the fax number error messed that up for you. Please don't hesitate to call again and hopefully a friendly contact will be made. Just remember, Customer Service employs people like you and I... we all have a bad day and can be jerks at times. Just preserver! (Also, make sure you get the person's name, return phone number, and jot down the date/time of the phone call.... just in case.)

        If you still fail, please let us know and perhaps someone may have other suggestions. But, registration for the LLSA appears to be tightening up on it's parameters and unfortunately there's not a lot of latitude that a rep can give sometimes. The three-year warranty however is not effected by any need to register and you should have no problem with that.

        I hope this helps, and above all... Thanks to you and all your family for the sacrifise and service of your husband's deployment,

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