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10" Portable Table Saw R4516 Problem

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    Re: 10" Portable Table Saw R4516 Problem

    My 2 MK'S never let Me down .
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Re: 10" Portable Table Saw R4516 Problem

      Hi guys ... Sorry I haven't replied sooner ... I've been out of the country working.

      Firstly ... Frankie thank you for posting the "Trouble Shooting" site. I've learnt a few things ... The videos are okay ... approximately a minute and a half so after every second video you get to watch another advertisement which is annoying.

      Secondly ... I've read the owners manual ... It does refer to the circuit breaker and reset button but no where in the manual does it show you where it is on the R4516 saw .

      Thirdly ... I bought the saw at Home Depot and have gone back to ask if anyone can show me the reset button ... Oddly enough ... The group of guys that gathered around looking for a reset button couldn't find it. I did get the name of a place here in Calgary, AB to take my saw in and have it looked at. "Power Tool Klinic"
      I phoned and explained the situation with my saw AND was told there is "no reset button" on the portable R4516 ... The woman on the phone said it sounds like a switch problem. There you go!

      Thanks everyone for helping me ... I appreciate it. I'll let you guys know what the problem was when I find out!


      Toolaholic ... Where did you see that the R4516 table saw was recalled?