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  • Question about my new R4512 - sound on shutdown

    I just picked up my new R4512 tablesaw, and am hearing a 'strange' sound on shutdown. The saw winds up fine, and runs fine. But on shutdown, I hear a singular 'zing' as the blade is slowing down. I have looked closely (with and without the guard), and the blade is not touching anything.

    Each time, it is a single zing at the same point of wind-down (about half way to blade stop). The sound seems to be coming from the motor side of the blade, and the blade does not jump or flinch when it happens. Could this be a belt mis-alignment - where the blade is starting to walk out of the pulley at one end? Could it just be a harmonic that occurs during shutdown? Any ideas?

    FYI - overall, the saw is great. I am using a thin kerf Freud Fusion Premier, and have had no issues during cuts. I have read the postings about alignments, and my only issue was the need to adjust the fence length to fit the runners smoothly. This adjustment was very easy, and everything else has been better than expected (based on others postings).

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    Re: Question about my new R4512 - sound on shutdown

    Mine does the same thing. I just accepted it as normal at first. I actually thought it was some kind of brake.

    Then once I read through a couple of reviews pointing to potential runout issues, I noticed that once it makes that noise (and the blade slows) the blade then wobbles more considerably and makes contact with the zero clearance insert I had made. Although I havent really put my saw through heavy use yet, it seems to cut fine once the blade is up to speed.

    I would also like to figure out what is actually happening as it seems to have an effect at the blade.


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      Re: Question about my new R4512 - sound on shutdown

      My new saw R4512 also does this same quirk, a single zing just as the motor slows the blade down. Sounds like the blade hitting metal ever so lightly. This so far does not effect cut or blade that i can tell of. I even coated the blade with teflon dry wax and ran on/off a few times, zing zing zing, but after checking tooth to arbor no visible signs of wax removal i could see.

      If anyone figures out this mystery please post- a very fine saw so far.


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        Re: Question about my new R4512 - sound on shutdown

        Bet its a brake Mechanism
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          Re: Question about my new R4512 - sound on shutdown

          what happens if the saw is operated without 1) the blade and then 2) the belt(s) that connect the motor to the arbor?
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