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Please help me ID this tool

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  • Please help me ID this tool

    Hello all, this tool is referred to as an air crimper in some videos but I am not having any luck on finding this tool online or in stores.

    at 1:51

    The tool is used to press together seams that are adhering together. The tool pinches the material together to get a tighter adhesion.

    Any idea what this tool can be?

    Here is another video they show it again at http://videos.howstu...-made-video.htm

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Please help me ID this tool

    I'm seeing a variety of different tools in this video. Everything from printing plotters to computer-controlled pattern cutters. Are you referring to that small machine that appears to have two-gears that come down pinch the fabric together, rolling it along the adjoining pieces?

    I did notice in a video frame shortly prior to that seaming process, where a woman was using a brush to apply an adhesive.. or at least that is what it looked like to me.

    Interesting video, but most of the machinery seemed to be custom to the clothing industry.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful,

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      Re: Please help me ID this tool

      what is the time stamp on the video where the tool is used?
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        Re: Please help me ID this tool

        Crimping tool for wetsuit seams


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          Re: Please help me ID this tool

          This link show several different air crimpers used for crimping fittings onto hoses and also others for crimping body panels. I'm sure you could find crimpers specific to the task you are doing. The ones in the video did appear to be crimping the wetsuit seams. What are you trying to crimp?

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