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Does Ridgid plan on implementing a blade brake in table saws anytime soon?

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  • Does Ridgid plan on implementing a blade brake in table saws anytime soon?

    This is my first post here and that last thing I want to do is start a religious war. I know there is a lot of heated debate when blade brakes (ie saw stop) technology comes up.

    For ground rules let's not discuss:
    A) Whether the feature should be mandated by the government.
    B) How much the safety feature is *worth* to you (this is entirely subjective). However let's do discuss how much the safety feature *costs* a company to make, and how much it *costs* to a consumer out the door.

    That being said I am an individual who would like to have this safety feature. I am also an individual who would rather not pay the saw stop price for a table saw (on the order of 2k currently). I have been making a bathroom vanity with a friend who has a ridgid table saw and I've been very impressed with the quality of the vanity we were able to create and I believe his saw was $500 retail.

    I recently read this article:

    In it it states that the safety feature would cost manufacturers $55 to implement. The royalties to pay to SS for the patented technology would be $16 for a saw that retailed for $250. In an article written by the PTI they stated the cost to implement would be doubled when passed on to the consumer. The royalties would simply be passed onto the consumer.

    This means to me, the consumer, the cost of implementation is $110 and the cost of royalties on my friend's $500 dollar saw would be $32. This is a total of $142 of overhead for additional cost to have the brake technology on a $500 saw. If I asked any table saw owner if they could have this feature for on the order of $150 I doubt many people would decline especially if you own a nicer table saw.

    The article also mentioned that "Ryobi and Emerson (who at the time made Ridgid table saws for The Home Depot) both agreed to an 8 percent royalty before they collectively decided to fight against the technology." This gave me hope that maybe the manufacturers of ridgid tools would one day decide to implement since initially they were going to.

    I guess what I'm hoping to do is show some objective support for blade brake technology if the cost to consumer is what I'm stating. I'm hoping to get a lot of people saying "Yes I would love this safety feature for that amount of additional cost".

    It is then my hope that the appropriate people see this thread and decide to implement a blade brake saw. I would personally like to have more choices than 1 saw maker if I want this safety feature.

    If we take government mandating out of the picture and the subjective views of what the feature is "worth", can others agree that the cost of roughly $150 is "worth it"?