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  • older batteries

    I have a complete cordless tool set with the older 18V batteries will the newer 18V lithium batteries fit and work in them.

    I sent in my duel charger and 2 batteries in for repair and the company I sent them to apparently closed and i have sent a couple email to ridgid and the have not replied back.

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    Re: older batteries

    Yes all Ridgid 18V batteries will work with all Ridgid 18V tools.

    You may want to look at the Ridgid X4 series of batteries and the new charger
    You can find them well priced on E-bay there are two batteries a 1.5AH and the 3.0AH
    These are the lithium-ion style with fuel gauge indicators [very handy]

    I find the 3.0AH battery and the newer designed charger to be excellent!

    Cactus Man