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    I purchased a used EB44240 Oscillating Edge Belt Sander. I replaced the fan as the one that come with it was trashed. However, it doesn't sit right in the unit, and I can't use the belt sander with it in. The BE44240 has a retaining ring on the motor shaft that is absent in at least the EB44241. It seems that it was replaced by bushing.

    Question: Can I replace the retaining ring with a bushing on my EB44240?



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    Re: EB44240 Fan

    According to the eReplacementParts website, fan part #830291 replaces an obsolete part number. If this is the part number you purchased then maybe you need to remove the original retaining ring, as that part was also discontinued, and install the fan without the ring.
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      Re: EB44240 Fan

      I have an older EB44240 and a brand new EB44241 (3 hours old).

      The older model has a retaining ring to support the fan and drum. The older model's oscillating shaft is indexed for the bushing at the top end of the metal drum (inside the belt sanding unit) to make the drum spin.

      These bushing have the bad habit of capturing the threads (on the oscillating shaft) and rendering the belt sander impossible to remove.
      Ridgid redesigned this area with a pin thru the motor's shaft (that the fan now indexes to) and then the drum in the sanding belt indexes to the fan. Eliminating the need for a bushing entirely.

      Now that the bushing for the older model is no longer available, if the above happens, you are forced to fix it somehow or buy a new unit. I just bought a new one. I don't believe that you can use it w/o the retaining clip. Maybe a stack of washers? Please be safe.

      Hope this helps!