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R4510 Fence Adjustment

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  • R4510 Fence Adjustment

    I bought an R4510 a couple of months ago. I've used it several times with good results. The other day I decided to check all of the saw alignments using the instructions in the manual, squaring the blade, aligning the miter gauge, etc. When I got to checking the fence it appeared to be just a hair out.

    The instructions say to loosen the four hex bolts on the end with the lock, however, I do not have anything that will fit into the small recesses that the bolts are in. I don't see how any tool sold would fit into them. I can't even get anything into them to see what size socket is needed.
    • Has anyone ever done this?
      • If so, what size are the bolts?
      • How did you get whatever tool into the recess to loosen them?