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    Originally posted by L T HIKER View Post
    Here it is oct 2014 and now the part number 827811 for my ridgid 4330 planer is now obsolete.....motor will not run without new brushes . I do not think I will buy another Ridgid planer. This one was the second I have purchased.
    So the real question is Why would Ridgid treat their customers like that... For the lack of an 8 dollar part my planer is worthless...I see a set of brushes for a 4331 planer will they fit?

    Sorry about the issues with the parts. The brushes for the 4331 planer will not work on the 4330 planer. There is a place that you can get some brushes to fit it call Ohio Carbon. Phone number 800-448-8887. I hope this helps if not please email Greg at and he will try to help. Thanks!