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QUESTION: R3000 Blade Release Lever

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  • QUESTION: R3000 Blade Release Lever

    I have the R3000 recip saw. The blade release lever is missing. I am wondering if the release lever from the R3000s will fit on the R3000. The release lever is sold individually for the R3000s for $1.46, but for the R3000 it is only available with the purchase of the gear case assembly for $33.75 plus shipping. The saw is not under warranty. Any advise helps. Cheers.

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    Re: QUESTION: R3000 Blade Release Lever

    I have the R3000 and have not yet had this problem. But, I can't answer your question as to the interchangeability. I suggest that you call Ridgid Customer Service and ask for Technical Support, as I think they should be able to provide an answer, short of someone who might own both of these (I don't know what the difference might be in an "R3000s" model.

    Have you looked up the individual parts list on these two models?