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Sliding Table install on R4512

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  • Sliding Table install on R4512

    Well I just finished installing the Jessem Mitr-slide on my Ridgid R4512. Not too bad at all.

    Install was pretty straight forward except my motor shroud interfered with the bottom of the slider, couple of good whacks with a 4# hammer and voila!

    Levelling and setting up the table was fun, lots of set screws but not too difficult.

    I went with the Jessem because all their stuff is built like tanks. Solid and well machined. The table rides on thirty roller bearings instead of ball bearings. Fit and finish is top notch.

    Now Jessem has discontinued this item, they plan on making them again but I wouldn't expect the same sort of build quality. So if you find one I'd highly recommend buying it.

    I really like the "European" (for lack of better word) mitre gauge, instead of a track mounted mitre the scale is actually on the table so I feel perhaps a bit more accurate.

    Now I did see the Busybee/King/Grizzly one, looked very nice too. One thing they have over the Jessem is a longer stroke and rip capacity.

    Anyway, here are a couple of pics, now it's official, I've spent more on the slider than I did the saw!!
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    Re: Sliding Table install on R4512

    nicely done. did u cut the fence rails or just slide them out of the way?
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      Re: Sliding Table install on R4512

      Originally posted by FINER9998 View Post
      nicely done. did u cut the fence rails or just slide them out of the way?
      The rear rail I just removed the short section, the front rail I did not cut, just slid it over to the right.

      I don't cut on the left of the blade so I don't need to move the fence to that side and I really didn't want to cut the rails in case I sell someday. All I need to do now is pick up a new stick on tape for the front rail scale.

      Thank you.