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4512 blade heeling

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  • 4512 blade heeling

    Hello All -

    Recently purchased a 4512 and set it all up on Sunday. Didn't have enough time to tinker with everything until yesterday. I'm now having trouble heeling the blade to the miter slot. I've read a bunch of threads on it and see that some others had some difficulty as well. I've loosened the three trunnion bolts, leaving the back right one ( when looking through the back) only very slightly loosened. It seems that every time I tap the trunnion assembly closest to me, the front is moving as well - always leaving me out of square by about 1/32". I've also tried using a clamp to very slowly move the assembly and it still throws everything out of whack... Am I missing something? I just keep going in circles in this and it's getting pretty frustrating.

    Was hoping some of you guys could help me out here....
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