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Drill chuck wobbling

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  • Drill chuck wobbling

    How do you all determine if your drill chuck is wobbling or not?

    I have a Ridgid R86007 drill driver and it I had it for two years and it looks to me it's wobbling. If I use a longer bit holder with a driver bit, it wobbles about 1/4" at the tip. The total length of the holder and bit is about say five inches.

    Now if I use a short bit only then the wobbles it almost not noticeable.

    I think when it was new I didn't notice this problem, but since I change between hex drill bit and hex driver a lot I have to use a bit holder.

    I haven't dropped or done anything to the drill to cause this, so I am wondering if this is within "acceptable tolerance"? Is it normal wear and tear? Or is this something I should worry about and get it serviced?
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    Re: Drill chuck wobbling

    Maybe it's not the drill. It could just as easily be the drill bit or the bit holder. I have a small set of drill bits that snap into one of those magnetic bit holders and the fit is so sloppy that they can't help but drill and elongated hole. They're pretty much useless so I only use them when I don't care about the results I get.
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      Re: Drill chuck wobbling

      Good point, I thought about that and have used different ones to try. Even if I use an extra long bit that is true and straight, like an auger bit, it wobbles a bit at the top.

      If I use a regular bit holder and one of those cheap bit that will not even fit snuggly into the bit holder then yes the wobbling is magnified.