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rd 8000 generator with no output

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  • rd 8000 generator with no output

    bought a low hour rd8000 generator that had no output, checked the stator windings and they have continuity between the two commutators and are not grounded. brushes and commutators are good,
    checked the stator output at the gen head and only have 2 volts between lead and ground and about 4 volts between the two output leads.
    i thought maybe the AVR might be bad but when i apply 12volts to the brushes ( avr disconected ) i get nothing, i thought i should at least get a little " spark " when i touched the wires, nothing, also, no surge or jump in output voltage.
    i dont know what voltage range the AVR send to the rotor windings, but i simply touched the brushes terminals, did not make permanent contact, this was simply a test, and as far as i can tell the rotor windings are dead... even thou the ohm meter does show continuity, i dont remember the reading now. anyone know what voltage the avr does send... i should of gotten a spike in the output or a spark from the winding contacts when i touches them... since basically i was creating a short / load thru the windings... i also figured that i might have lost residual magnetism and sending power thru the windings might bring it back... sadly it did nothing.
    any generator knowledge out there...

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    Re: rd 8000 generator with no output

    sorry , correction here.. i checked the ROTOR windings and they had continuity..