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Batteries are eligible for LSA only if part of a tool purchase

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    Re: Batteries are eligible for LSA only if part of a tool purchase


    I was watching the "Ike" movie on the history channel last night and saw several runnings of this Bosch commercial. I certainly don't question Bosch's reputation, as they are widely used and quite popular. I do believe they have a great reputation and deserve such.

    But as a Technical Writer with more than forty years of illustrating and writing both service literature and marketing media, I would never go near such a statement as "Best Built GUARANTEED !"

    Guaranteed how and exactly what is thier criteria for saying that they are "best built"? Best in materials? Best in workmanship? Best in durability? Best in performance? And should they really be "the best"... how is that "Guaranteed"?

    That phrase could have some serious implications for the company should anyone want to challenge it. And if you really dropped your tool on the floor that caused damage, would they actually replace it? That statement "Best Built GUARANTEED" implies that they would.

    But, when you look at the guarantee on their website, it really isn't spectacular... especially when compared to Ridgid (and I'm not making an argument one way or another as to which brand is better or worse)

    Here's the Bosch warranty page: Bosch Best Built :: Lithium Ion - Best Built Protection

    Now, compare... Both Bosch and Ridgid have a 3-year warranty.... But Ridgid offers the LLSA which, as may be implied by a couple of earlier posts here, says that Ridgid must have higher confidence in their tools and their customer's satisfaction.

    The Bosch battery warranty is only 2-years, while the Ridgid battery warranty is the same as the tool... 3-Years! Again, does that imply that maybe Bosch doesn't have the confidense in thier battery that Ridgid does... probably not, it's just how they deem the value of the warranty.

    Bosch has a "Pro-Service" contact line... but I'm not clear on what that really means. Ridgid has it's customer and technical support line. I wonder how they compare.

    Bosch has a pretty reputable service system though, or so I've read. While I have yet to have any real complaints, Ridgid seems to have a mix of very good to very poor service centers. Unfortunately that appears to be a possible weak point for Ridgid.

    I don't know how these brands compare as far as price and assortment. From this forum I get the impression that Ridgid has less product than Bosch, but I don't see that in the stores around here, at least not the few that I visit. Pricewise, I haven't really shopped so I don't know.

    In any case, if I ever wrote something like "Best Built. Guaranteed" my employer's legal department would have been calling me on the carpet, big time. I remember getting a call from one of the senior Corporate attorney's as a young writer. I had used the word "insure" instead of "ensure"... the latter means to "make sure", while the former means we sort of have insurance on that particular step. I can still hear the Senior Attorney yelling at me that "we don't give insurance!"

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