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TS2400 arbor?

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  • TS2400 arbor?

    FINALLY, I am able to post. I had to re-register using one of my alternate emails, but I made it.

    I recently picked up a TS2400 at a yard sale. I can actually use this saw! Or could, before it "broke" anyway.

    The arbor. Does it also serve as a clutch? Where do I get one, from rigid service? I have tried amazon, and the net, and cannot find one.

    I am thinking my issue is the arbor. The saw worked fine for about 2 weeks. Then it went to malfunctioning, regarding the blade. Initially, I would hear the motor running normally, but the blade is doing maybe half speed. Now the motor spins up, but the blade is not turning. When I play with the blade, I can feel something "trying to engage", but not quite. The blade will more or less "freewheel". Turn on the motor, and it spins up, but the blade does not spin.

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    Re: TS2400 arbor?

    is it an older, gray ridgid 2400? if yes, it has a lifetime guaranty for manufacturing defects regardless of who owns it (i.e., not restricted to the original owner like the LSA). take it to a service center. ridgid has always been very good about repairs/replacing damaged parts for my gray ridgids.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: TS2400 arbor?

      Go to Ridgid's site, click on support, then Follow the prompts.
      You will need to know the specific model no. (example TS2410LS)
      An arbor assembly costs around 80 bucks depending on model.