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  • Warranty

    Big shock for me today, went to Home Depot to get my drill sent out for warranty replacement or repair. They now require you to bring in the battery and charger with it. Be aware of it so you don't waist your gas or time. I know, this is real crock of you know what

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    Re: Warranty

    Bigger Shock: Under the lifetime warranty, rigid replaced both of my old style batteries for the new Lithium ones at no charge. I was very happy with that originally, but then had problems charging them with my old style dual-battery charger also under the lifetime warranty. So I brought in the Dual-Charger, and the representative informs me that they don't make that dual charger any more, so they offered the single lithium charger (roughly half it's value) and 1/2 it's capacity (only handles one battery) in replacement. I called Ridgid and emailed them that I did not think this fair. They are not replacing the dual charger with a like or similar product. They claim cause it is an "upgrade" to lithium that it is fair. My point is I didn't ask for Lithium batteries or need them (granted that they are "better"), now it appears this has caused the charger problems. Is it so unreasonable to replace a dual-charger with two single chargers???


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      Re: Warranty


      You have to understand that in order to properly analyse the problem, you need to know where the failure is at... or at least that is the case with replacement batteries, in which all components are required (the battery, the charger and the drill). You didn't mention what the problem with the drill is, but the mindset of "service" may well be the same, with all components required. This is NOT "news", as I believe it has been posted for some time now. You should feel lucky though, as I'm not sure that there are many Home Depot stores that will handle your warranty quest. In most cases, I believe it is up to you to deal directly with a Ridgid Service Center.


      First, you are benefitting from an "upgrade" to Lithium batteries. That may simply be because the "Nicads" for your tool are no longer available or that Ridgid considers the NiCads no longer worth replacing.

      But, you can't replace a NiCad "dual-charger" if one is NOT available for the Lithiums. They have offered you the single-bay Lithium charger and personally, I think that is a good deal. With a Lithium battery, which lasts significantly longer you really shouldn't need to have two fully charged batteries at once (technically anyway). So really, there should be no problem as you can be charging the second battery as you are using the first. While you may view it as getting only half the charger you had, in essence you're getting better than twice the battery... all things should even therefore even out.