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Pressure Washing - Reaching tall house?

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  • Pressure Washing - Reaching tall house?

    I'm about to buy the Ridgid RD80704 pressure washer. I'm thinking of all the jobs I may need to do and one is a 2 story house with a full attic, so it reaches up to the 3rd story tall. Does Ridgid sell an extension wand to help get the water pressure up that far to clean vinyl siding? Or do I still need to get on the ladder?

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    Re: Pressure Washing - Reaching tall house?

    I don't know about Ridgid offering one, but I found mine at Lowe's for about $100. It telescopes to 18ft and makes quick work of washing the high areas. I wouldn't waste time or take the risk of using a ladder when something like the extension wand can be used. What used to take me 30 mins. with the standard setup from the ground now takes about 5 mins. and still on the ground.

    The only downfall of using mine is that I can't apply detergent with it due to the pressure from the pump being too high because of the internal size of the hose in the wand, which is 1/4" I believe. The backpressure won't allow the engine/pump to slow down enough to go into "detergent mode." This isn't a problem because I bought a long distance detergent nozzle that will easily throw the suds 20 ft. high.

    When fully extended it takes a bit of getting used to if you are cranking out the pressure. What I usually do is use a 25 degree fan tip with a larger orifice (4.5 or 5 I believe) so I get more volume and a bit less pressure.

    Just found this...
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      Re: Pressure Washing - Reaching tall house?

      what I use/

      General Pump Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand — 4000 PSI, 6ft. to 24ft. Length, Model# DLTG24 | Pressure Washer Accessories | Northern Tool + Equipment

      mine is a little older unit, so I do not know about this one,

      but I on the end made an adjustable head and used a grease gun hose that is flexible and attached the nozzle to that, and is adjustable to nearly 300 degree arc, I currently do not have a picture if it. could get one if some one is really interested,
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        Re: Pressure Washing - Reaching tall house?

        My extension is a 24 footer, and I find that the holster support is essential if I'm working for extended periods of time. I think that the $139 model that Home Depot sells comes with the brace/holster.


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          Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!