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When does Ridgid release updated tools?

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  • When does Ridgid release updated tools?

    I am about to purchase my first table saw (R4512) and I wanted to make sure there aren't any rumors of a new one coming out within the next few weeks, etc.

    I tried searching for any rumors of new TS's being made/released, or the usual release date frequency but found nothing. I figured this would be a good outlet to see if there are answers.


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    Re: When does Ridgid release updated tools?


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum.

    Well, usually the product area of this website is the last place you will find information, though the forum itself is pretty darn good because almost every member will rapidly post any rumors that they might here. But product "announcements" usually come month after we see the new item in the store.

    Home Depot, from my limited experience, is also pretty vague about "new" items. In my area at least, they want to get rid of every single existing model before they bring the new model out of the "back room". My opinion of that practice is that it is sort of "fraud" on HD's part... but still the practice continues.

    But, for the table saw in question I can only guess that you are fairly safe at the moment. I've not heard or seen any rumors or reviews of anything "new". Perhaps one of the other members will also post and let us both know if I am right. The present model has been out for about two years now and I haven't heard of any complaints, other than the occasional question about adjusting the "Herc-U-Lift". It meets all the current safety standards and appears to be very competitively priced and featured. Sears has almost the same model in Craftsman Red, but of course there is no competition from Craftsman on service and warranty, as offered by Ridgid.

    Lastly, you are covered for 90-days should anything "New" pop-up. Ridgid has a 90-day "Satisfaction Guarantee" and Home Depot has a "parallel" 90-day return policy... so for at least the next three months you can always bring it back and buy any "new" or "updated" model.

    Oh, and don't forget to properly register your new saw into the "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement". You'll need a copy of your sales receipt and the UPC cut from the shipping carton... serious advantage, so DON'T forget to do that.

    Good luck,



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      Re: When does Ridgid release updated tools?

      Originally posted by draconius View Post
      When does Ridgid release updated tools?
      When Home Depot tells 'em to.
      Other than that, there's no discernible rhyme or reason to new product launches. Like CWS said... if you need it or want it, buy it. If the price drops (or a newer one comes out) within 90 days, return it.
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