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R84015 Ni-Cad Charger Upward Compatibility

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  • R84015 Ni-Cad Charger Upward Compatibility


    I have an R84015 drill as well as a dual-charger for Ni-Cad batteries. The batteries have died and I wish to upgrade to Lithium-Ion.......will my Ni-Cad charger work at all for these batteries? If not, is it the charging rate or something else that makes them non-forward compatible?



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    Re: R84015 Ni-Cad Charger Upward Compatibility

    Generally speaking, almost any electronic hardware/software poses a problem with "upward" compatibility. It's pretty much impossible to design "compatibility" into products of the "future". And, to design a product that is "backwards" compatible is extremely restrictive, to say the least.

    I can't address the actual issues and concerns with the Ridgid "ni-cad" charger and "lithium-ion" batteries with specifics. But there are some general issues with common "Ni-Cad" chargers and the requirements of "Lithium-Ion" battery chemistry... most of this (as I understand it anyway) is due to the need for specific current/voltage issues and "charging rate". Li-Ion chemistry can be quite dangerous and the "charge" must be controlled through constant electronic monitoring and rate adjustment. Li-Ion batteries that are charged or drained too rapidly can over-heat to the point where they can burst and flame. While I'm not sure that "explode" would be a proper term, the danger of fire is prevalent.

    Many of the new chargers on the market are adaptive to either chemistry type and are thus labeled as such.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: R84015 Ni-Cad Charger Upward Compatibility

      This specific topic has been discussed in detail a while ago. You may want to do a search.

      Ridgid has only one dual battery charger and it is not friendly to Lithium-Ion batteries!
      Some folks have tried it and I'm not sure as to the results but do you want to gamble on a $100.00

      The Lithium-Ion batteries have a complex circuit board inside. The Ni-cad batteries only have have a fuse and thermistor.
      I'm not sure how the charger senses and communicates with the battery as well as the battery circuit communicating with
      the it is voltage and current specific for charging....not too much not too little etc.

      The Ni-cad type battery is more of a brute force type charge...Also if the battery shows defective and you measure less than
      12VDC you can jump start the can not do that with the Lithium-ion batteries....

      Also beware Lithium-Ion batteries if not handled properly can be an explosive and fire hazard! Never leave a Lithium-Ion
      battery unattended while charging or left on a charger after charging is completed!

      Ridgid has gone through 4 generations of single battery chargers.
      The X-4 which is their newest is indeed their best one yet!
      It can accommodate any Ridgid battery out there....

      The first three look similar but you need to note the "multi-chemistry decal" on the charger
      All the single battery chargers will also charge Ni-cad batteries. If I recall the first generation single
      charger, very early ones may not accommodate the lithium-ion batteries

      Finally you can purchase the X4 battery charger on E-bay for under $50.00

      Listen to what CWSmith wrote and if you no longer have Ni-cad batteries get rid of the charger so you don't make a mistake.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: R84015 Ni-Cad Charger Upward Compatibility

        THANK YOU CACTUS MAN AND CWS!!! Your responses are very much appreciated and as I suspected. I really do appreciate your time!