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  • Rockwell blade-Runner

    I have seen the TV infomercials I have read the various user reviews from assorted sources....
    I have been very skeptical....but I finally bit the bullet and purchased one.

    I ordered mine with a circle cutter via Rockwell on shipping, no sales tax and a lower price.

    [I do not work for Rockwell Tools, This is a user review.]

    Well the unit arrived. It's made in china...DARN I was hoping made in USA!

    Never the less my first impression was as everyone Else's It's an upside down jig saw!

    The motor is rated at 5.5amps which for even an upright jig saw is pretty good.

    The unit is indeed well thought out and actually well made plus it's user friendly
    and for the clumsiest tool worker, quite safe to use!

    I already have the major power tools such as a bandsaw a miter saw and two table saws.....
    however the blade-Runner in it's own way is quite elegant!

    For the weekend warrior with a small garage and no room for a lot of power tools this may be
    the silver bullet! It's lightweight, small footprint and can hang on the wall etc....I'll stop sounding like the
    infomercial now.

    I found the dust collection using a wet vac amazing. The only comment here is they should make the
    dust port for the 2 1/4- 2 1/2 sized hoses which are more popular. Their vac adapter also should be
    designed to hold better. It even has a dust drawer to capture dust from under the motor! Very clever!

    I ended up using a small to 2 1/2 adapter that did slide over the dust port and I'm using my
    Ridgid 16 Gal wet vac.

    The "T" style jig saw blades that came with the unit are actually quite good, but I am also using Bosch "T"
    jig saw blades. The maximum blade length you can use is 4" This does limit what you can cut.

    I do not recommend using this tool to cut two-by- material like 2x4 or 2x6 etc. big lumber still requires
    big saws!

    For anything else from say 5/8" and thinner this is an excellent tool. I cut 3/4" plywood, 3/4" lumber
    [hard and soft wood] and even some 14ga steel and aluminum. The unit did not show any signs of fatigue.

    The circle cutter guide is outstanding! I have always had challenges cutting circles on my band saw
    with a variety of circle cutting jigs.

    Now I really doubt a framing carpenter will take this to a construction site...[as seen in the infomercial]
    A person installing any type wood floor pro or not will find this tool very easy to use and will keep the
    work area clean.

    Bottom line ...for a weekend warrior with minimal space for large tools this Blade-Runner may be your answer.

    For an upside down jig saw this will be a useful addition to my workshop power tools. I just don't have the wall
    space to mount it on a wall So it sits on a work table ready to cut just about anything I take to it!

    Cactus Man
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    Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

    What size bandsaw do you have? The reason I ask is that I'm trying to figure out what you can do on the Rockwell that you can't already do with your bandsaw. I've looked at the Blade Runner and for the money I'd rather buy a high end Bosch 1590 jigsaw which IMO would be more useful. To each his/her own of course but my first impression of this tool was it's a gimmick. Please don't take these comments in the wrong way as I'm not criticizing your decision to buy one, just saying that it isn't for me.
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      Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

      I have a Delta 10" bench top band saw. New tires, new blade, well maintained..I have it about 12 plus years!
      It really does not have the power to re-saw and using three different styles of circle jigs I've never successfully
      cut a perfectly round circle! I think the motor is 1/3 hp maybe 1/2hp.

      I suspect if I had a "larger" bandsaw I'd be just fine!

      Badger Dave..try cutting a 24" piece of 1x6 on the band saw will not allow this.
      Yeah..then you move to the table saw or miter saw....

      As in my review the Blade-Runner will NEVER replace the big boy tools but for a quick cut and the
      woodworker with limited space the Blade-Runner has its merits.

      This is a power tool I'd say in a similar category as the Ridgid twin blade saw. The concept is clever
      yet with a quality reciprocating saw, proper blade and a few other tools you can do exactly the same cuts etc.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

        Just a quick user update....

        This tool has found itself a permanent place in my work shop.

        I recently had a thin plexiglass project. The band saw is what I'd usually use
        but I had a large sheet and the bandsaw would not work.

        The next option usually is the table saw and I have not had much luck
        cutting plexiglass on a table saw as I tend to shatter it !! at the end of the cut!!!

        Well the Bladerunner came to the rescue...changing to a fine tooth blade took
        only moments. setting up the cut also took moments. The cut was fast and accurate.

        I have the Ridgid wet/vac attached so essentially no debris.

        I'll give this upside down jig saw a solid "ten"!

        Cactus Man


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          Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

          Where are the pics?


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            Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

            I've been kicking around the idea of buying this saw. I'd really like to hear about other uses you've found for it, and any specific limitations that you've uncovered.


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              Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

              Atlanta Dan.....

              I have found the circle cutting guide excellent and very easy to use. I get better circles on the Bladerunner
              than using my band saw! It's well worth the optional expense.

              I would not use this to cut 2x4 type material even though the infomercial shows them cutting pressure
              treated 2x4.....I'll stay with my "big boy" tools for that!

              I have had success in cutting plexiglass, MDF, PVC, and most material 3/4" thick or less.

              The vacuum hook up does eliminate almost 99% of cutting dust/debris and does not
              interfere with any cuts. There is even a drawer under the motor assembly to catch
              the dust from below!

              The included cutting bits [jig saw blades] are actually quite good! I also use 4" tall [max height]
              Bosch T-blades.

              I have found this to be easier to navigate when cutting small 3/8 plywood for misc projects.
              I do not own a scroll saw and I find the Bladerunner with a scroll saw jig saw blade works nicely!

              sorry I don't have any way to post photos.....

              Limitations?.....well this will never replace a table saw, a miter saw, and perhaps in some cases a band saw..
              as you can't slice boards like you can on a band saw. It will not replace a cold beer!

              For those quick cuts that would require tool set up, the Bladerunner will beat most any tool!

              Honest..I'm trying not to sound like a commercial!

              Cactus Man


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                Re: Rockwell blade-Runner

                I really appreciate all the info. Lowe's has marked down the BladeRunner, so I think I'll see what their next move is going to be. "My" Lowe's is one of the really small stores, and when things are slow movers, the prices start coming down - even if the larger Lowe's stores in the area are holding the prices at retail.

                Knowing that the vac will pick up 99% of the debris is a selling point in itself. Any tool that I can set up and use inside is a win for me.

                Thanks again,