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Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

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  • Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

    I am sorry if there is already a topic for this but the search didn't seem to work very well.
    Anyway, I bought a couple of extension cords and one of them is starting to get all coiled up. I have seen this with some cheaper products but didn't expect it from Ridgid. After all, they cost about what a Yellow Jacket cord does and I have never had any problems with them.
    I believe that the outer jacket on the cord itself is shrinking. I am expecting the ends to pull out of the jacket soon rendering this a useless tool on the job site.
    Does anyone know if Rigid is doing anything about this issue?
    Normally, Ridgid (in my experience) has been very good with customer support and standing behind their products. After asking around at my local Home Depot it seems that I am just stuck with a junk cord.
    If Ridgid refuses to handle this issue, then they need to drop the price of this product to match it's quality.

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    Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

    could be the way you wind it up to store it,
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      Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

      Neither of the two that I own are doing what you described. Have you tried getting in touch with Ridge Tool yet?
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        Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

        Any extension cord will twist if you roll and unroll it wrong. The 12 Ga. cords are harder to twist than the 14 Ga. cords. Oh, and nobody rolls up my cords except me.


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          Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

          mine was fine until someone other than I was wrapping it up. now its all twisted just like the rest of the cords my drywaller has. he has a few yellow jacket cords that are twisted up like braided cable. its all in how you wind up the cord. granted, the one ridgid cord out of 5 that is starting to twist is well over 5 years old. I've replaced both ends as well, but over all, I've been very pleased with the ridgid cords. now if they could just make the ground peg out of solid metal and virtually un-breakable, then they would really win me over.


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            Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

            Almost any cord will twist up over time, depending on how you coil it up and the care you give to it. In most cases, you can untwist it, providing you've paid attention and the twist hasn't gone to the point where it has damaged the cord itself.

            My Dad used to just sort of bend his elbow and quickly wrap the cord between his elbow and palm, using his forearm as the "frame" for wrapping the cord. That's how I learned as a kid; and of course that's a terrible way to treat a cord... quick, but what a mess as you end up with a "figure-8" more often than not.

            I prefer to just loop the cord, letting it find its natural "coil" and in doing so there are the occasional adjustments because the cord sleeve might have twisted around the internal wires during use. It only takes a few seconds more, but the natural coil comes back and then it is easily banded and stored. I use those "velcro" straps that you can find in most discount stores.

            (I have also taken to wiping the length of the cord as I coil it. Keeps the crap off the cord and makes the wife happy should I have to use a cord somewhere in the house. Oh, and long cords I use one of those plastic reels, which works great.

            With regards to "Ridgid" though, you can always address the issue with the local rep, just ask the service desk when he will be in again.

            I hope this helps,

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              Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

              winding the cord is the key to a cord that isn't a mess. the old days of "knotting" up a construction cord is over for me.

              i also use to do the elbow palm wrap and that was fast, but didn't take advantage of the natural cord memory.

              an all rubber cord seems to be the most forgiving as far as winding, but the longevity and durability of the cord is lost.

              the harder more durable plastic vinyl cords have a memory that stays with the cord. winding it up is key to a cord that remains true and flat.

              the plastic winders i have for some cords are fast and neat, but you end up with cords that twist as they get used over and over.

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                Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

                I knot my cords. No twists for me.
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                  Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

                  I know its not the way i wind it up. I have 5 year old Yellow jacket cords that get wrapped up the same way every day. Only 1 of the Ridgid cords is doing it. It finally busted through the insulation today
                  I honestly think this is happening to this cord because the outer jacket is shrinking. The cord is used 2 to 3 times a week and used outside most of the time. My 25' Ridgid which i use every day is fine 50 footer is dead.


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                    Re: Ridgid extension cord is twisting up.

                    Sounds like there might be a problem with that one cord. I only have one RIDGID cord but I use it all the time and its about 4 years old. I coil my cords up most times because no one else does it right. Its just like coiling a rope. You have to find the lay of the rope and there is a diameter where it coils better than others, for me it seems to be about 16". I got a couple 100 foot cords many years ago off a job. They had to trash them because some dipsh!t had run over them with a high reach and they couldn't be repaired. I took the cords home to use for my hedge trimmer, cut out the 6 feet of bad cord and instead of splicing I made two shorter cords with heavy duty nylon caps and plugs. I ended up with one cord about 20 feet (nice for inside jobs), two about 40 feet, and one that about 70 feet long. The 70 and one of the 40s I use for the trimmer, in fact I used them yesterday. They are from a job I worked in 1985 and still going, but they get occasional use now. Still when uncoiled they are nice and straight, not knots or a$$holes. One was twisted up when I got it. So I stretched it out in the driveway in the hot sun to soften it up, and I checked it as I was working in the yard and worked it untwisting the kinks and laid it out flat again. At the end of the day I was able to coil it up neatly. I put it away, laying the coil flat on the floor in the garage where it would cool off and I hoped the jacket would take a 'set'. It worked and ever since I have had no trouble coiling them up. I plug the ends together to protect the prongs on the plug when in storage. I hang them on some cheap, semi-circular, metal hose hangers in the garage when not in use.
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