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Pressure washer RD80706 or RD80704. Help me decide.

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  • Pressure washer RD80706 or RD80704. Help me decide.


    Have been a long time lurker on the site and appreciate all of the useful information everyone has provided. I'm looking to purchase my first pressure washer and have been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks researching the best unit for my needs. I of course started out looking at Troy built and similar machines but the research quickly showed those units are disposable as far as pump quality goes.

    With that said I've now narrowed down my search to Ridgid and Dewalt models but am mostly leaning toward Ridgid. I'm trying to decide between the RD80704 and the RD80706. My main question is whether the additional $250.00 for the RD80706 is worth the upgrade in performance. The difference in PSI isn't really a factor in my mind as it's only a 10% between the two and I'm sure 3,000 is more than enough for my needs. The flow rate however is a 15% bump in performance, 2.6 vs 3.0 GPM. My immediate need is to use this for vinyl siding, gutters, facia, and garage doors. I have a feeling however that I'll find more uses for the machine as time goes on including some light concrete cleaning, etc. I'm leaning toward the larger machine just for the fact that I plan on keeping this for a while and have a feeling I'll save a considerable amount of time with the higher flow rate. I don't however want to throw money at something I don't really need so if the smaller machine will be more than adequate for my needs I have no problem going that route and saving some cash. Hoping that anyone here with some experience using these machines might be able to steer me one way or another.

    I've also considered the Dewalt DXP 3835 which is 3,800 PSI and 3.5 GPM. It's probably very overkill for what I need however it can be found online for the same price as the larger ridgid so I'm at least considering it. I do however like the CAT pump in the Ridgid and the idle down which the Dewalt doesn't seem to have.

    One last question, can someone clarify whether the RD70806 comes with the turbo nozzle? The Ridgid website says that it does but the Home Depot site says nothing of it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!