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Ridgid Pressure Washer 80701 Won't Start

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  • Ridgid Pressure Washer 80701 Won't Start

    I own a Ridgid pressure washer 80701, Subaru engine. It wouldn't start, took out spark plug cleaned off carbon deposits checked the gap and replaced. Checked air filter, oil level, gas all are fine. It started, pushed choke up and then started humming good, then let run a little. Earlier I let I had air out of hose releasing the trigger before I started the engine. Now with engine running I pulled the trigger handle on the wand and it cut out. Started again, choke closed moved it up ran a little then cut off. Now it won't start. I think I need a new spark plug, but I cleaned it with my wire brush, did all right. I performed the proper maintenance. What could it be?

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    Re: Ridgid Pressure Washer 80701 Won't Start

    of course it will build up pressure every time to pull to start unless you release the spray gun.

    try starting it without a gun attached and just enough water to keep it wet. see if it will start without the extra load on it. could even be the low oil sensor. make sure the oil level is correct and see if you're getting a spark. not sure about the subaru engine, but the honda is simple to disconnect the wire to the oil sensor and make sure it's not grounded. when it gets grounded it will shut off the spark.

    could even be the unloader on the pump causing a pressure buildup. so that's why the minimal water and no gun attached to test. water should flow right through the pump/ unloader.

    of course drdeere will have the exact answer and fix.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid Pressure Washer 80701 Won't Start

      Cleaning a spark plug with a wire brush leaves metallic traces on the ceramic insulator. These deposits will cause the plug to misfire. Not saying that's all your issue is, but you're going to have to replace the plug before you go any further. NGK BR6HS.

      EDIT: The SP170 engine does not utilize a low-oil shutdown.
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