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Rebuilding Cordless Tool battery Packs

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  • Rebuilding Cordless Tool battery Packs

    Has anyone on here done this? My two batteries on my Porter-Cable 14.4V drill finally are losing their life (after over 10 years of intermittent service I should add). Looking aground for replacement packs I was somewhat surprised at the cost so I opened the pack up and found a bunch of sub C Ni-Cd cells spot welded together.

    I looked around and found a bunch of places selling sub c cells online - some even with spot welded tabs for making up these packs. The only problem I have is that the primary contact is also spot welded to the batteries on the edges of the pack so I have somehow pry it off since this is specific to the battery model. Some models have soldered wires apparently which makes rebuilding much easier.

    If anyone has done this I'd be interested in hearing about things like brands used, if the new cells performed as well as the old cells etc. Also my existing batteries usually charged in about 1 hr. For fast charging are there special cells?