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  • Miter Saw MS1250-part needed

    Hoping someone has a junked one and would be willing to sell me the fence. Apparently it is no longer available from HD and mine got bent when a neighbor forgot to reset it and hit it with the blade. The part I need is #6 in the parts list, part #828103.

    If you have one, please either post or send a PM to


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    Re: Miter Saw MS1250-part needed

    It's a shame you have to be doing this just because your inept neighbor screwed up your saw. I do not ever lend tools for exactly that reason.


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      Re: Miter Saw MS1250-part needed

      Well I tried to locate the part from both the Ridgid site's (Empart) parts area and also from M and D Mower ( and got errors. M and D, though showing it in the parts list, couldn't identify the part. Empart simply gave me an error and said it would report it to the site manager. I would have thought that at least they would simply state that the part was no longer available, IF that was true.

      I did notice that the part was the same through the various model changes and it would make sense, at least to me, that if they still sell the 1250 model, though in some newer rendition, the part should definitely be available.

      Have you tried calling one of the Ridgid parts suppliers, or perhaps Ridgid Technical Support (Ridgid Customer Service 800 number)?

      If the part cannot be replaced, which I still doubt, can it be fixed... through a weld or whatever?



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        Re: Miter Saw MS1250-part needed

        Attachment Attachment

        For the curious, here are a couple of pictures of the damage. You can see where the blade hit the fence, knocking out a nice chunk of it. The picture with the square shows how much out of alignment it is. The left side is off by about 1/32" at the top of the fence. It must have hit with considerable force as you can see that the whole fence is bent back about 3/16" from the bed.

        What is more amazing is how he was able to do this. I've tilted the saw to the max and moved the table to the stops on both sides and can't duplicate the feat. Sometimes people like this can be quite creative.

        I've called Ridgid and they told me that the part is obsolete and no longer available. The other suppliers also give me the same result.

        If all else fails, I think I can make a base out of hardwood and a sacrificial fence out of MDF. This would happen when I am getting ready to start a crown molding job.
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          Re: Miter Saw MS1250-part needed

          Wow... I can see that there isn't any fix to that!

          But, have you by any chance looked at the current R4120 12" CMS? The fence on the photograph (from this site's product page) looks very much like the fence on my 10" and probably your fence too. I am wondering if that fence would fit or could be modified to fit. Appearance wise, it looks like the same design right down to those little wings that stick up on the air.

          I find it disappointing to think that a product that is less than a decade old cannot be fixed because a significant part like this is now "obsolete".