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Ridgids lost tools

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    Re: Ridgids lost tools

    Very good point Cactus,

    The "battery" is surely a determining factor in wanting to stay with a particular brand. (A point which I mistakenly overlooked.) A "universal" adapter of some sort would be great, but I wonder how much "protection" of a proprietary brand there might be in a battery's attachment or key, and whether copyright or patent rights enter into the picture as a way of keeping that kind of thing from coming into play. Seems to me, it would be an issue addressed by now if there weren't some legal issues in doing so on a commercial scale.

    But regardless, the proprietary battery certainly pumps up the issue of our favorite brand not meeting the desires of the market (the many Ridgid fans who would very much prefer not to have to go somewhere else to fulfill it's needs).

    As a real fan of TTI-produced Ridgid power tools (from a hobby woodworker point of view) is this marketing agreement with Home Depot. I have yet to understand why Home Depot seems to play it down and not give it the support it deserves. It almost appears that TTI is enslaved to Home Depot's interests (or lack there of). As mentioned earlier, I regularly visit two stores and the largest to the two has completely dropped the stationary products. I still see them here on the website, but if I wanted to buy a table saw, jointer, or drill press I'd have to have the service desk order one, sight unseen. I'm of the impression that most people, like me, simply wouldn't want to blindly buy one. How does that serve the Ridgid brand name? Fact is, it doesn't; and if it doesn't, then how does the Ridgid-brand market expand with new products? It would be interesting to see unit sales numbers on these products, as compared to other brands like Porter-Cable and DeWalt, who market in a wider spectrum of retailers.



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      Re: Ridgids lost tools

      Originally posted by cactusman View Post
      Let's look at this challenge from a different direction....


      Most all of us would really prefer battery powered tools that all use the same style battery.
      Thus we only require one type of charger, one style battery etc.
      When you have Dewalt, Ridgid, Ryobi, Porter Cable, Rockwell battery powered tools in your
      work truck you must carry an awful lot of other stuff, such as all the different battery chargers
      and spare batteries.

      It would be SO convenient to have all those tools yet require a single charger and battery design!

      When one brand VS another brand in tool selection and quality...we become very frustrated!

      Remember there is a difference between a $200.00 drill and a Harbor Freight $19.00 drill.

      It used to be the various brand names served a specific market. Today they are almost all made
      by the same assembly line and only the body colors change.

      I chose the Ridgid 18v battery powered tools and have tried my best to stay with only Ridgid.
      It is indeed very frustrating that Home Depot is so HO-HUM about their licensed brand....
      It's almost as if they prefer Ryobi as their anchor....I suspect profit margins play a roll here!

      I have watched those here that have come up with "battery adapters" so we can use a Dewalt battery in a Ridgid tool etc.

      Now if only TTI can come up with such an adapter life would be so much easier...BUT
      this will effect the profit margin for the various battery powered brands as then they will no
      longer have a propitiatory item unique to their brand forcing you purchase their stuff....

      This is also very common within other products such as ink cartridges for printers, LCD TVs etc.

      Cactus Man
      Spot on post! How many different batteries and chargers do I need to keep track of?


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        Re: Ridgids lost tools

        Originally posted by pesciwasp View Post
        ok maybe all you say is true. But it doesnt make it better for us the consumer. I think they should tell us why they wont make the tools we want, then what will we ***** about?!
        i think we've all been barking up the wrong tree.

        We need to put putting requests in to HD and let them drive the message to RIDGID/TTI since they are for the most part the majority retailer of these tools what they say goes.

        Look at what Walmart has done to their industry. Walmart wanted barcodes on products so they could save money tracking and stocking and at checkout, and they got it. now everyone uses it.
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          Re: Ridgids lost tools

          Just for the record I'm also a Milwaukee man. Love the 12v series and I have a LOT of those m12 tools. I'd actually be a Milwaukee man with the 18v stuff if they hadn't changed the design of their sawzall which oscillates and doesn't have switch to turn it off. I cut mostly metal being a plumber.
          This is what made me decide on the 18v set from ridgid. That and the LSA.
          Even now I'm tempted to buy the 18v set to have all the 18v tool choices.
          Problem is there sawzall still suffers from the same issue

          Will probably switch to Milwaukee for all my cordless stuff when all my ridgid stuff falls apart. Love the idea of 1 battery for all my tools. Hopefully the sawzall issue will be corrected.


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            Re: Ridgids lost tools

            I think Milwaukee will be the way to go for my next cordless tools. In addition to the wide array of tools they have moved up to brushless motors! Check out this video of a brushless RC car, it can do 100real miles per hour, cost $1100.00
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