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  • double blade saw

    Seen one of them two blade circular saws at home depot the other day.

    They worth a crap? Seems like a stupid idea as your cut is then like a half inch wide, but looks like is actually more work for the saw. And UN necessary cutting.

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    Re: double blade saw

    the info commercials say they cut with out kick back and can pocket cut easy and so on, the one in the info commercials show them cutting ever thing but a loaf of bread, with it, here are videos from the original company to come out with them, Media - Videos and Images | DUALSAW

    here is another company's video,

    here is the review for a Ridgid,

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      Re: double blade saw

      I have the Ridgid dual saw. I did write a review a while back.
      I'm left handed and the original designs are dangerous for lefties!
      The Ridgid does work quite well.

      Do watch the Ridgid review BHD posted!

      Yes the kerf is thicker using 2 1/8" blades or a 1/4" kerf...
      Yes other tools can be used as well like a reciprocating saw etc.

      This tool is unique and well made..also very well balanced
      although heavy!

      This is not a tool you'll use daily but for specific projects it can be the difference
      between a smooth task instead of frustration.

      Finally there is a definite learning curve in using this saw. Practice until you're
      comfortable with it. The video briefly mentions starting the cut at around 30
      degrees, this is critical.
      Some folks complained the saw does not have a foot plate like a regular circular saw.
      Well if it had a plate it would be unsafe.

      bottom line is a well made tool with plenty of power.

      Cactus Man