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Stalled my saw

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  • Stalled my saw

    Hey, inexperienced table saw user here. Just stalled my Ridgid portable table saw (TS2400LS) . Will it start when it cools off?

    10 minutes later: Ah, it started again. I panicked. Thanks.
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    Re: Stalled my saw

    It is always nice to know you did not fry it,
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      Re: Stalled my saw

      To prevent a recurrence, what blade were you using? A good quality 3/32" thin kerf blade with 24T will have an easier time than a blade with more teeth. The Freud Diablo D1024 is ~ $28.....the DeWalt Precision Trim DW7124, CMT 202.024.10, and Infinity 010-0124 are all great choices too.

      It also helps if the stock is flat and straight.


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        Re: Stalled my saw

        As hewood said, a proper blade for the job is always a good idea. Another factor to keep in mind is the sharpness of the blade being used. The best blades in the world are garbage if they are dull. Proper feed rate speed of the material being sawed is another important part of the equation.
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          Re: Stalled my saw

          Perhaps it takes a bit to acquire the "feel".... You need to let the blade do the work and you should not have to feel the need to force the stock through the blade. With a properly aligned fence-to-blade and a blade in good repair, the stock should move through the cut very smoothly. You can hear and feel the blade doing "the cut".

          You don't want to feed too slowly, as you'll get possibly get some burning within the kerf (that path the blade teeth make as it cuts through the stock). But, if you are feeding faster than the blade can efficiently handle, you'll feel some resistance and hear the motor lugging. On this portable saw (as with most lightweights), they use a higher-speed "universal" motor. These won't take the heavy loading that an induction motor might handle; but with either, you can't overload the motor without risk of burning it out.