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Two Choices Need Opinions on Miter Saws

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  • Two Choices Need Opinions on Miter Saws

    I am going to upgrade from my 10" Hitachi CMS and have ran across a couple of deals.

    1. Ridgid MS1290LZA in like new shape for 225.00
    2. DeWalt 705 mounted to the 6 month old Ridgid MSUV also for 225.00

    Saw will be used primarily for woodworking with some furniture building and possibly a deck. I have always been a "buy more tool than you need" guy rather than buying less and then needing more. I am drawn to the one with the stand because I am not convinced that I need the slider. My mentor who is a retired custom builder has the same Dewalt saw and says it is all he has ever needed. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Two Choices Need Opinions on Miter Saws

    In my opinion, I would never buy a used mitersaw. Some people like the sliding Ridgid saw, but do a search on it here, it doesn't get that great of reviews. I use the sliding part all the time, you'd be surprised at how versatile the saw can be with the slide feature. Also, I wouldn't own any large mitersaw without the Ridgid msuv, that thing is a must have. One of the best items I ever bought. Both of out dewalt sliders are mounted to msuv's. I wish they made a shorter one that I could attach the 13" planer to, or maybe even an edge jointer if someone made a bench top like model.


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      Re: Two Choices Need Opinions on Miter Saws

      BTW, the dewalts I own are ok, but personally, next saw that replaces them will be a Bosch. By the time these need replacing, hopefully Bosch's new glide saw, the one without guides and uses a folding up arm will be tried and true. I love the smoothness of the action, I'm just wondering if it will last the test of time.

      Also, if you don't need the 12" blade, why not get a 10" slider? I know its new, and hasn't gotten many reviews yet, but the completely new 10" slider from Ridgid looks promising and its under 400 bucks.


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        Re: Two Choices Need Opinions on Miter Saws

        I agree about the 10" slider. I've used them for years because I get great capacity, a lower price, and significantly less weight. I can set them up easily almost anywhere and I have lots of reasonably priced blades to choose from. If the forum feedback on Ridgid's new 10" slider is positive, it will probably be my next purchase.