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Manual / Info for Dual-Chemistry Charger R840093 needed

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  • Manual / Info for Dual-Chemistry Charger R840093 needed

    Have a R840093 Dual-Chemistry charger and both Ni-Cad and Li-Ion batteries for cordless drills.

    Can not find the manual on this site or anywhere on the internet.
    Have downloaded a prior charger manual which is similar but has different lights
    If someone has a link to or can send me the R840093 manual please post it.

    I am not sure what it means when the two leftmost lights are in different states.

    When charging it sometimes has the POWER light on steady and the CHARGING FULL light flashing.
    At other times both the POWER and CHARGING FULL light will flash together.
    What does this mean? Do both of the above conditions indicate charging?

    Also it appears that when battery is fully charged both the POWER and CHARGING FULL lights stay on continuously. Is this the case.

    Is the charger still trickle charging either the NiCad or LiIon batteries at the end of the charging process.

    The older manual I have also says that it may require several cycles to charge a battery.

    Will someone who knows or can look up this information please post it.

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    Re: Manual / Info for Dual-Chemistry Charger R840093 needed

    Can somebody who has this charger tell me the meaning of the lights? Flashing, steady. Want to know when battery is fully charged.


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      Re: Manual / Info for Dual-Chemistry Charger R840093 needed

      power light..always on indicates AC power to the charger on/fade when in fade it's in energy save mode
      green led battery logo...charging=flash...on steady=battery charged...fade standby/charged in energy save mode
      orange led......evaluating battery flashing
      temperature orange led....fades battery is too hot or too cold to accept a charge
      red led with "X".....fade= defective battery

      After charging is complete the two green LEDs will remain lit to indicate maintenance mode
      after that, the green LEDs will fade on/off This indicates the battery is fully charged and the
      charger is in the energy saving mode

      The charger will periodically wake from the energy save mode and ensure the battery is in a fully charged condition

      I strongly suggest you do not consider this energy save mode etc as a trickle charger per-say!

      With ANY Lithium-Ion batteries when fully charged immediately remove them from the charger

      Cactus Man


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        I know I am bringing up an old thread but when searching for a manual this is one of the first pages I found by searching and I wanted to update.



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          So I see this thread is old but I'm having an unusual issue with my charger. It will not charge and the power light is just pulsing quick green flashes. Is there something wrong with the charger?