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Broken Switch on R4516 Table Saw

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  • Broken Switch on R4516 Table Saw


    Today while using my table saw I made a routine cut, switched off the saw, went to repeat another cut and the saw wouldn't turn on. It seems to be a problem with the switch. I tried cleaning the sawdust away from all of the electrical connections, and I took the face plate off of the switch to make sure all of the connections were touching. They all seem tight. When I tested the saw while the switch was unscrewed it would turn on briefly then shut off again. No problem with the outlet it's plugged in to.

    Any ideas on how I could fix it at home without having to find a repair shop?

    Also, is this saw supposed to gradually ramp up to speed? Mine seems to start very hard, pretty much at full speed. It always made a bang sound when I flipped the switch (when it worked).

    Thank you to anyone who replies.