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aligning blade on R45161

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  • aligning blade on R45161

    Hello, novice question here.

    I purchased an R45161 on closeout at home depot this weekend. It's my first table saw. I followed the setup instructions and the blade, rip fence, and mitre gauge seemed to be aligned.

    I made a few smaller test cuts which were ok. But when I tried to rip a 25" pressure treated pine 2x4 the first 15 or so inches were fine but the last 10 got very difficult to get through. I was able to get it to cut but had to push pretty hard, which did not feel safe at all (blade guard and anti-kickback were installed).

    I'm guessing this is because the blade is somehow out of alignment. But again the alignment to the rip fence is within 1/16". Could the anti-kickback be causing this?

    One other thing, the blade clearly does not run straight down the throat plate opening, which concerns me. The gap between blade and plate is about 1/8 wider at the top than the bottom. But I'm guessing that's ok if the rip fence and mitre gauge measurements are square.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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    Re: aligning blade on R45161

    First thing is to align the blade to the miter slot and then the fence to the miter slot. A 1/16 of an inch is way to much for anything, at the most the back of the fence should only be a few thousands of an inch further away from the miter slot then the front.

    Any time you must force something to cut you are at risk for an injury. Please go back and double check all your alignment measurements and make any changes you must.


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      Re: aligning blade on R45161

      Thanks for the comment. I read some more user comments about compact rigid saws and have concluded that I probably didn't clamp in the rip fence perfectly straight for that cut. I re-checked alignment to the miter slot and it looks good.

      With the rip fence on my unit it is pretty easy to engage the rip fence almost 1/8 out of alignment if you're not careful when pushing the clamp down. I saw this in some other user comments as well. I haven't cut any more pressure treated 2x4 but did many cuts on smaller stock and it seems to be smooth now.

      I think I'm set, thanks. It still bugs me that the blade looks really out of alignment in the throat plate opening, but I'm going to ignore that as long as miter slot and rip fence are in alignment with the blade.